Monday, April 20, 2015


I wonder why someone is called an "in charge" when they do not have social responsibilities. A lovely apartment here in Mangalore, holding more than hundreds of flats does not have a proper team of committee members to handle the association. One gentleman calls himself as an authorised person or an 'in charge' who does not have any social responsibilities or public interest. 

In this egoist society, there are people who do not want to help others and they do not allow someone helping others too. People who do not know the role of management becomes a manager and people who do no know to guide become a leader! The unacceptable fact is that they do not even let others to manage or guide.

When I had to meet a responsible person, to let him know about my interests in awareness (tiger awareness and save nature) and knowledge sharing, I was denied permission to put a small piece of information on the notice board which is not going to cost anyone. There are many jobless people in this world, who does not participate in any social activities and do not encourage anybody to do the same. 

There are selfish people in this cruel world who wants a tiger enthusiast like me to stop my work and join hands to work for their NGO which is no way related to nature or wildlife conservation. Denying permission to conduct free awareness programs on tigers, wildlife and nature in an apartment which holds more than hundred houses is the first time that I have come across. This shows the social responsibility of the so called 'in charge' and not just him. There are many other selfish and brainless people who exist in this cruel world who does not care for the environment and does not allow anyone else to create awareness.

What harm is going to happen to hang a piece of paper on the notice board that would read 'Free awareness program for children' and have a talk with children about saving the nature and wildlife conservation? People like these who does not have the authority should not call themselves as 'in charge' or president and be ashamed of themselves for denying a social cause.

It is not just one! There are many such people exist in our country, because of whom, our environment is not secured and save!

Denying permission in one apartment is not going to stop me from spreading an awareness on wildlife conservation, tiger conservation among children and people. It is just the beginning and there are lots more to achieve. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Appreciation for the hard work!

It feels nice when people appreciate you for the hard work and the efforts that you take. I have a passion for tigers which made me conduct a successful program at Creations summer camp, Managuda Mangalore for a group of 50-75 children with support from God, my dear husband, my dear dad and mom. I feel great to have know Dr. Gayathri, who referred me to Creations kids summer camp. Tiger awareness program was the first step and a Quiz for children between 9-13 age was the second opportunity that I received. It was fun to conduct a quiz and enjoy with the children in a new place and a new city.

A word of thanks by Mrs. Reshma, made my day (15-04-15). The efforts and my hard work and passion got appreciation for the organizer and from the parents which made me feel great!

This is not the end, it is just the beginning. Looking forward for more successful tiger awareness program and camps in and around very soon.